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Complete cabin systems

Whether you are looking to build a cabin or already have one we have solutions for getting any cabin powered up to fit your exact needs and budget.

We offer many different options and can build as small or big as you would like to start, every system is designed to be expandable and can come with auto bypass options to work in tandem with a gas generator or grid power.

Building a new cabin

If you are building a new cabin we can design a system from the ground up that is made specifically to run most efficiently off an off-grid solar system.  A custom ground up build may sound expensive but by having your cabin run more efficiently it requires a much smaller Solar array and battery bank to power saving you money.

Powering an existing cabin

If you already have a cabin and need electric or are tired of the hassle with a gas generator we are the perfect solution for you.  With our free consultation we can do an in person evaluation or over the phone to determine how much solar you will need.  We will take factors like how often you visit, how long you are there, and what appliances/electronics you will be using and engineer a system based on your usage.  By fitting the system to you this eliminates the problems of one size fits all systems that either leave you with not enough power or waste your money by over sizing.


Sign and parking lot lighting

We have lighting solutions for any type of sign, whether internally or externally lit.  

With our sign and lot lighting the benefits go beyond just eliminating the overhead cost;  our lighting is self controlled and programmable,  it will also work during a power outage keeping your lot secure and your business visible!

By having your sign lit by Solar Luxury it also gives you the freedom to place or sign where ever you would like and even work with portable signs!

Solar Luxury can also provide temporary lighting for events or emergency!  This lighting is available for rent or purchase!


Solar Golf carts

Your solution to constantly charging and replacing batteries is here!

The Solar Luxury golf cart solar conversion is the most powerful and most affordable solar option for golf carts!  Our competitors try to sell you a button on panel that only charges about 1 amp;  our roof replacement system charges up to 5.6 amps!!  nearly what your wall charger produces!

Our system:

  • Charges while in use or while parked in the sun
  • Greatly extends the lifetime of your batteries
  • Extends run time, your motor will pull energy from the panels then from batteries
  • Will work with existing wall charger
  • Can add options like 12v outlets or even 120 volt for portable power!



At solar luxury we build custom systems for RV's and campers to fit your exact needs and budgets.  There are a lot of different campers and RVs out there so we have a fabrication shop ready to make a system that works for your exact vehicle!

We can offer adjustable roof mount systems, canopy systems, or even portable systems you can place where ever you would like!


Construction or promo trailers

The ability to have the available power you need for your construction or promo trailer is crucial.  With our solar conversions you will have that available power where ever and whenever you need it without the noise or hassle of gas generators.   We can also install efficient LED flood and area lighting to keep your job going.

These systems can work in tandem with a gas generator or grid power when the need calls for it and can have 120v or 220 volt output

The most affordabl​e off-grid power

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