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Whole Home back up Solar Generator

Our home back up generator has the benefits of your everyday gas/lp home generators with zero noise, emissions, or maintenance!  Also solar luxury home generator constantly produces power which can be used to run a garage, shed, landscape lighting, anything you need which means this is the only home back up generator that pays itself off!

Parking lot lighting

​Our parking lot lighting is self controlled and self powered providing cost free and maintenance free lighting!  We use ultra long lasting LED lighting and can add new lighting or retro fit your existing lighting to run off solar!  Works during power outages to keep your business visible and safe!  Beyond the savings on your electric bill our lighting installs easier by not having to bury cable or tie into the buildings electric saving you money on the install as well!

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Portable Solar Generators

Our Solar Generators can be made portable!  The hand held edition is perfect for powering a shed or garages, the pull behind is perfect for barns/cabins and the towable edition can be made large enough to power entire cabins and work for whole home back up!

Mobile Lighting Unit/Sign lighting

Our sign lighting can be built to light the smallest sign up to full size billboards! Long lasting LED lighting means zero maintenance and attract significantly less bugs than standard lighting keeping your sign all the more visible! Self controlled and self powered your sign will stay lit during power outages and can be placed on new, existing, or even mobile signs!                     

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